BMW X5 Hockey Edition Charity Online Auction
BMW X5 Hockey Edition Charity Online Auction
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BMW X5 Hockey Edition Charity Online Auction
  • Over $1,920,000 worth of BMW Limited Edition Vehicles
  • Exposure to over 15 million unique visitors
  • $188,199.00 raised for Charity
  • Over 60 million people saw the auction through mall displays, branded vehicle trade shows, media, online social cause marketing and promotion all supported by the Vonality team

Vonality was called upon by BMW to create a unique opportunity to help spark excitement and interact with BMW buyers and “Intenders to buy” in a new and innovative way. The campaign included a promoting the BMW X5 brand in particular.

Vonality worked closely with BMW over a 3 month period to plan for pre-promotion, marketing and auction deliverables.

Vonality’s responsibilities for this campaign included organizing NHL Player support (organizing the player’s involvement to drive the BMW for a months time prior to the auction end date), dealership involvement and support, promoting the auction in malls/ trade shows and within the media, organizing social media campaigns, organizing charity involvement and support and general auction management and support.

Vonality selected two charities and created a campaign that would be recognized and spark excitement around the world.

The BMW X5 Charity Auction received positive media attention which drove traffic to BMW dealerships, websites as well as to the charities websites. From arranging and managing appearances with professional hockey players to creating and managing unique displays, Vonality was able to create awareness that was reported on by major newspapers and radio and garnered BMW exposure to over 60 million people through news stories, Yahoo and MSN positioning and online media front page coverage.

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