Brewer's Plate Online Auction
Brewer's Plate Online Auction
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Brewer's Plate Online Auction
  • Amount Raised: $5675.00
  • Charity: Green Enterprise Ontario

In May, Brewer's Plate approached Vonality to help put together and market a number of prize packages to be auctioned off in order to support the work of Green Enterprise Ontario.

Green Enterprise Ontario (GEO) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting local and sustainable food practices to the marketplace while promoting the benefits of consuming locally produced food items. Benefits included the strengthening of communities and the establishment of a healthy environment. The Brewer`s Plate is also a proud supporter of the rural economic development goals of the Government of Ontario, which includes the encouragement of environmental sustainable agricultural methods in order to enhances biodiversity.

Vonality Inc. in partnership with the Brewer`s Plate and Green Enterprise Ontario developed a number of exciting prize packages that thrilled every culinary fan and environmentalist.

Some of the items included:

  • Start your own Green Revolution
  • Dinner for 3 at Veritas with guest of honour Mike Schreiner
  • 2 First Class VIA Rail tickets for a return trip from Toronto to Montreal
  • Day out for 3 at Great Lakes Brewery with guest of honour David Crombie
  • One Free Weekend – Footprints Group Get-Away and Eco-Resort
  • Have Your Face Printed on 100,000 Bottle Caps
  • Ultimate Culinary Experience Package – For the Ultimate Foody
  • Learn From One of Canada’s Best known coaches
  • Jamie Kennedy – Gilead Cafe and Bistro Dinner + Kitchen Tour

The online auction went live from May 11th 2010 at 9pm, and ran until May 25th, the day of the event. For the first time ever, Brewer's Plate attendees were able to bid against online bidders and supporters from around the world. This not only resulted in higher bid prices and a greater amount of bids placed overall, but it also helped increase the exposure for the Brewer's Plate event and educate new registrants from online about the event and the cause.

Vonality Inc. and Brewer`s Plate truly set the bar in having some ``Food For Thought``. In the end $5675 was raised with the effort of promoting environmentally conscious food choices while supporting local agricultural communities. Individuals who supported this campaign both online and live from the event itself , walked away with mouth-watering fine-dining prize packages, exciting getaways, and other unique experiences.

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