Singapore Airlines A380 Charity Auction CASE STUDY
Singapore Airlines A380 Charity Auction CASE STUDY
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Singapore Airlines A380 Charity Auction CASE STUDY

  • Final Amount Raised: $1.2 Million for charity
  • Over 28 million visitors to the auction page
  • Over 22,000 bids
  • Number of e-mails received: 9018
  • Featured on more than 13 country sites
  • Translated into 9 languages

Vonality was called upon by Singapore Airlines to run the world’s largest online auction. Vonality organized the Singapore Airlines A380 Auction, auctioning every seat in the first A380 Double Decker aircraft.

Vonality put together auction packages with different seating arrangements and groupings. Vonality was also responsible for pre-qualifying all bidders before allowing them to bid on packages. This ensured follow-through payments with each auction package at the end of the auction.

Vonality also was responsible for organizing and having all auction pages available in 9 different languages and promoting the auction on 13 country specific sites. This allowed international buyers to learn about and bid on the auction.

We delivered all components of the auction and had it live within 3 months of planning and execution.

Vonality had available 24/7 customer service in English, French and Chinese for the Singapore Airlines Auction allowing bidders to call in and have immediate assistance during the entire auction and during pre-registration.

Vonality offered real time reporting to Singapore Airlines reporting how many registrants there were, how many bids were placed, what the bidding was up to and where bidders were coming from.

Our team was able to market out to our media list and registered bidders database while also gathering new contacts for any future Singapore Airlines auctions.

Vonality also spearheaded a Facebook and Blog campaign to promote the Singapore Airlines A380 auction. This encouraged fans and flyers from around the world to spread the word about the auction and generate additional traffic and buyers.

Vonality successfully completed all transactions and sent over qualified bidder information to Singapore Airlines for ticket information to be set up with the winning bidders.

Vonality took care of proxy bidding for high profile bidders who were not familiar with or did not have the time to bid. Vonality was able to raise more than $1.2 million for charity, selling every single seat on the aircraft.

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