About Vonality

Vonality is the North American Market leader in SaaS (Software as a Service) online auction marketplaces, and has been for 10 years. Our clients range from publicly listed companies to small local charities, From national sporting organizations to local teams, Private schools to Universities. We know what it takes for you to be successful and have the experience to guide you in the right direction.

Product Offerings:

Vonality offers services in two ways: Plug & Play and Fully Managed.

Plug and Play- Allow Vonality to set everything up for you and you manage your own site.

Fully Managed-We provide full operational management including set up, design, customer service, bidder qualification, logistics, fulfillment, payment processing and more.

If you are looking for a mixed solution to fit a budget please contact us, we are able to help!


Vonality VS the other guys:

The other guys sell you technology or a drop in solution. They are technology companies. Plain and simple. Chances are they have never run an online auction or marketplace. Ask them about distribution, marketing, legalities, customer service, bidding types, etc....its not their forté. Vonality eats, breathes and lives this stuff every day- and we love it!. We know every step of the process inside and out. Why? Because that's all we do. We know what problems you will have before you have them, and work with you to build auction programs that work.

Before you pick a cheap solution off the internet or spend millions of dollars on a customized solution-speak to us first. It may be the best call you make!

Additional Stuff that Vonality Does?



Vonality Advanced Social Media

Vonality Advanced Social Media

We create unique customer programs to drive revenue within a social network to help you get more out of your marketing dollars and monetize social media content.

Vonality Advanced Web Analytics

Vonality Advanced Social Media

We measure everything we do to gain a better understanding of customers habits. With the right data and our experience, we can optimize your online auction campaigns & ecommerce initiatives to drive more traffic & increase revenue.

Vonality Advanced Email Marketing

Vonality Advanced Email Marketing

Vonality can optimize your customer engagement and increase your customer conversions with our sales email marketing initiatives. From custom designed campaigns to partnership marketing we can send your ROI soaring.

Vonality Product Acquisition

Vonality Advanced Social Media

We implement online donation forms, customer polls & other secret marketing tools that will help you win more partners, collect more donations and sell more sponsorships. We will help you maximize profits and create multiple revenue streams.

Vonality Advanced Search Engine Marketing

Vonality Advanced Email Marketing

Vonality will optimize your website to bring in free traffic, increase your page rank and lower your marketing costs. With our SEO experts, you’ll gain the exposure to your site to boost the number of bidders and increase your final sales values.

Vonality Advanced Mobile Marketing

Vonality Advanced Social Media

Expand your reach by harnessing one of today’s fastest growing marketing channels. Vonality integrated mobile marketing techniques to cost-effectively target customers far and wide. We can help you uncover the secrets to creating winning campaigns.

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